6 Key Commitments to our Membership

1.    To Involve and Inform

  • HVA will maintain a strong membership base and reach out and involve our members in our work.
  • We will gather detailed information about our members and use this to demonstrate the collective impact and contribution of the voluntary and community sector in Hastings.
  • We will publish regular information to all our members to keep you in touch with local, regional and national developments.

2.    To Support and Advise

  • We will offer group support services to help local voluntary and community organisations to improve their effectiveness, overcome problems and manage change.
  • We will provide and develop learning opportunities so that voluntary and community sector volunteers, activists, trustees and paid staff can develop their skills.

3.    To Value Volunteers

  • We will promote volunteering and good practice in managing volunteers by running a high quality Volunteer Centre service and ensuring that the work of volunteers is widely recognised and valued.

4.    To Promote Networking and Representation

  • We will provide opportunities for local voluntary and community groups to meet together and represent themselves on key decision making bodies in an accountable way.

5.    To Develop New Services

  • We will gather information, identify gaps in services and strive to create new projects to meet community need.

6.    To Achieve Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • We will use our resources- human, physical and financial- for the maximum benefit of our members and partners.
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