East Sussex Children's Services

At the latest Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) meeting East Sussex County Council Children’s Services provided a report on how children in Hastings fair by comparison to other districts nationally and locally.  Hastings Community Network representatives welcomed the report but raised a number of issues about the general format and content in terms of its usefulness in clearly identifying the most vulnerable and in need children.  Colin Anderson, who presented it,  welcomed an opportunity to speak with interested partners, particularly the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS), to work on  improving communication approaches between the County and local agencies as well as a more targeted report format for future reports.
We also aim to bring to the meeting,  information about the future of Children’s Centres in Hastings, which is currently under review within the County.
With this in mind we have a date to meet on Weds 20th June between 1.30-3.30 at Hastings Voluntary Action
Please email Carolyn on carolyn@hvauk.org if you would like to come- this is important because of the room size we may need. More details about the meeting will be sent out 10 days or so before hand.
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