HVA Website Tender 2016


Tender Posted: 23rd September 2016  

Deadline for Submissions: Midday 28th October 2016 


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Hastings Voluntary Action (HVA) is a charity which provides support to charities and voluntary organisations working in and around Hastings and St Leonards. Third sector organisations working within HVA’s locality are offered free membership to HVA (renewed every year). HVA members are profiled in HVA’s online and print directory, get discount rates on HVA services and are supported by the organisation to assist and grow their organisation. 

The aims of the new HVA website include: 

  • To collect, store, manage and present data on HVA members (the HVA directory) 

  • To promote HVA’s work, increase awareness of the organisation within the general public & give fair voice to the scope of HVA’s service. 

  • To provide useful, up-to-date and current information about topics of interest to HVA members, such as funding advice, compliance and legal updates, community news & events, etc. 

  • To increase efficiency in the uptake and management of HVA’s revenue generating services. 

  • To promote HVA events & community events 

  • To create an easy to use pathway to contacting HVA 




Current Website 


HVA's current website is built using Drupal CMS and can be found at www.hastingsvoluntaryaction.org 


We currently use CiviCRM to manage our event and conference booking /post booking management, to record HVA membership for organizations and related individuals, manage person and organisation records, generate online reports and HTML snippets for forms on our main website. 




Scope and Specification of the Project 


Our overall aim 

The overall purpose of Hastings Voluntary Action (HVA) is to enhance the quality of life of people in the Hastings area by promoting the principle and practice of voluntary action by both individuals and organised groups, and by supporting the development of local initiatives to meet community needs. 


Our specific aims 

  • To provide high-quality services that help voluntary and community groups operate effectively and deliver quality services. 

  • To identify local needs and work with communities and other agencies to develop appropriate action. 

  • To develop effective networks and collaboration between organisations and groups working within the community. 

  • To enable voluntary and community sector views to be represented in an effective and accountable way. 

  • To ensure that the voluntary and community sector can work in strategic partnerships with other sectors. 


Our values 

The work of HVA is guided by a set of values which help to determine work priorities and the overall style of working. HVA recognises that Hastings is a diverse town and that everyone has a contribution to make and a right to equality of opportunity. HVA believes that: 

  • No person should suffer oppression or lack of opportunity based on race or ethnic origin, gender, faith, sexual identity, disability, age, education or economic achievement. 

  • All people should have the opportunity to collectively play an active part in their community. 

  • All people have rights to social justice and to participate in decision-making processes and local action. 

  • Priority should be given to working with people whose full participation in society is limited by economic, political and social disadvantage. 


Current Website’s Demographic 


  1. 25-34:  33.50% 

  1. 18-24:  27.50% 

  1. 35-44:  15.50% 

  1. 45-54:  12.50% 

  1. 55-64:  5.50% 

  1. 65+:     5.50% 



  1. Male: 54.15% 

  1. Female: 45.85% 



  1. New Users: 30% 

  1. Returning Users: 70% 


Most Viewed Pages 

  1. Homepage: 21.03% 

  1. Volunteering: 9.17% 

  1. Information: 3.33% 

  1. About Us: 3.03% 

  1. Training: 2.92% 

  1. Contact: 2.66% 

  1. Projects: 2.36% 

  1. Group Support: 2.17% 

  1. Funding: 2.10% 

  1. Jobs: 1.87% 


Top Browsers Used 

  1. Chrome – 44.94% 

  1. Internet Explorer – 20.23% 

  1. Firefox – 8.86% 

  1. Edge – 5.01% 


Mobiles Used 

  1.  iOS – 54.96% 

  1. Android – 39.72% 

  1. Windows 3.09% 


Website Overview 

HVA’s website has four main criteria  

  1. Distribution of news / information 

  1. Sign-posting / booking functions for HVA services 

  1. Collection and provision of data on HVA members 

  1. A back end database of HVA contacts (currently provided by CiviCRM) 


HVA News 

We provide information of use to our members and to the wider Hastings & St Leonards area. This information includes updates about our work, news from the voluntary sector, information on HVA events, member events and local events.  

  • Funding News 

  • Perhaps as a blog 

  • Searchable Archive, perhaps with tags. 

  • Events Calendar 

  • HVA Events 

  • Member Events 

  • Other Events 

  • Jobs 

  • HVA jobs 

  • Paid adverts for voluntary sector (see services) 

  • HVA Projects 

  • Ability to add a pre-designed standardised page for each HVA project to include a default design with places for a logo, slideshow and project details. 

  • HVA News 

  •  Currently send out a once a month newsletter and a fortnightly e-bulletin 

  • Social media links & sharable function for content 


HVA Services 

HVA provides various services to help generate income to support the charity's work. The new website will be a portal to information about these services and where appropriate will be provide the booking system.  These services could be billed through the website, or could be invoiced by email, automatically, or through the finance department. Where HVA members are booking services discounts are provided. It would be useful if they could have a quicker form to fill in, based on their log-in credentials. 

Services to be featured online: 

  • Equipment Hire 

  • Reserved online 

  • Room Hire 

  • 3 rooms available 

  • Tea and coffee add on 

  • Minimum and maximum booking times 

  • Multiple booking function 

  • Easy availability check 

  • DBS Check 

  • Book appointment 

  • Training 

  • Book spaces 

  • Limit amount of spaces per booking 

  • Back-end summary of attendees, cancellations, special requirements, etc. 

  • Postal Service 

  • Paid post box at HVA, offered to HVA members only, invoiced annually.   

  • Accounting Support 

  • Consultancy 

  • Job Advertising 

  • Featured on newsletter / e-bulletin and on website 

  • Newsletter Advertising 

  • Specific word count & must be relevant to voluntary sector 


HVA Members / Directory 

HVA promotes and supports its member organisations. Through an online and print directory, updated annually, we provide the public with information about our members. This directory includes a summary of their work, contact details and categorises them according to their area of work.  

HVA’s website provides a portal from which member organisations can update their information, renew their membership, or join HVA as a new organisation. 

HVA’s membership is free and includes access to reduced rates for HVA services, support and information to support the organisations health and growth and updates on HVA news.  

  • Benefits of membership 

  • Join up / Renew Form (important function) 

  • List of Members (HVA directory) 

  • Searchable 

  • Tagged by category 

  • Location?  

  • Resources for members (perhaps log in to access?) 

  • Recruiting volunteers 

  • Networking forum 

  • Community venues 


HVA Client Relationship Management System 

HVA currently use CiviCRM 4.6.18 to manage their contacts, newsletters and events. It is not a prerequisite that tenders include the use of CiviCRM, however whatever tenders are submitted would need to include a system that permits these attributes: 


  • People can be connected to multiple organisations with different job roles 

  • People and Organisations can be tagged with searchable criteria 

  • Any other proposed database must be open source 

  • The quote would have to include the cost of full migration from CiviCRM and a summary of the benefits of changing this function. 


It is essential that whatever CRM is used that all contact information entered into the website is included in one easy to use database.  


Design Considerations 

HVA’s website needs to meet the needs of HVA’s members, providing them with updating information about national and local news relevant to the voluntary sector. The website also needs to inform any visitor of what HVA is and who makes up its membership. Finally, the HVA website needs to be a portal to information and tools for using HVA’s paid services, an important component of funding for our organisation.  


We would be interested to discuss HVA's logo and branding details being updated, but we would wish for there to be a constancy in the overall image and feel of HVA's design. 


HVA's current logo: 




Development Considerations 

HVA’s website needs to be flexible and readily updatable (with a hierarchy of user classes, see below) without any risk of compromising the overall design. It is important that the HVA membership database is easy to use and that HVA members feel comfortable and confident in using and updating their entry. 


Hosting & Maintenance Considerations 

Fixed cost for on-going maintenance which will need to occur outside of office hours - with notification of the work to be given prior to the work taking place. 






Budget for design & development of HVA's new website in the region of £5000. 

Tenders accepted for the design phase, development phase, or overall project delivery. 




Case Studies 


HVA is a Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) there are similar organisations that support different areas across the UK. Their work (and therefore their websites) are a useful point of reference for gathering cases studies to inform HVA’s own website requirements. These sites can be found with a simple search for 'Voluntary Action’ or ‘Councils for Voluntary Service’. 

Of particular note are these websites: 




Tender Criteria 


Design Phase / Essential: 

  • Responsive Design 

  • Desktop Version 

  • Mobile Version 

  • Concise design briefing document for organisation wide implementation of branding  

  • Easy to navigate and appropriate to the widest audience of users (including consideration of accessibility compliance) 

  • Clear and inviting, giving a wide overview of HVA, with the ability to browse subject matters, as well as to delve deeper into information if desired. 

  • Easy to navigate  

  • Perhaps including the use of breadcrumbs? 


Design Phase / Preferred: 

  • Opportunity for at least three design revisions 

  • Final designs presented InDesign 


Development Phase / Essential: 

  • Content Management System – preferably Drupal or Wordpress 

  • 3 tiered administration 

  • Primary Tier – HVA site admin 

  • Add new pages 

  • Edit navigation 

  • Approve content additions & edits 

  • Publish content 

  • Archive / Delete pages 

  • Secondary Tier – HVA staff content management 

  • Add HVA & Other Events 

  • Add / edit page content 

  • Tertiary Tier – HVA members 

  • Edit member details 

  • Add member events? 


  • Restricted design functionality for content 

  • Set Header 1, 2, 3, body text etc. 

  • Advised picture form eg. ‘use horizontal picture here, at least x by x in size’ 


  • CRM Database 

  • People able to be associated to more than one organisation 

  • Syncs up with HVA membership directory 

  • Tags 

  • Opt in / opt out newsletter & E-bulletin check box 

  • Work contact fields 

  • Home contact fields 

  • Clear guide for which details are to be on public directory & which details are only for signed in HVA staff to access 

  • Newsletter analytics, including the option to send emails to people by specific tags / groups 

  • HVA membership status 

  • HCN membership status 

  • To include two named representatives 

  • Site map submission 

  • Google Analytics integration 

  • Newsletter integration 

  • Legal / Cookie Compliant 

  • SEO Optimised 

  • Cross-browser compatibility & testing 

  • Accessible 

  • Contact Form 

  • Captcha 


Development Phase / Preferred: 

  • Integrated help suite to guide staff usage of back-end 


Hosting & Maintenance / Essential: 

  • Secure VPS server, or equivalent 

  • Regular updates to maintain full website functionality within standard maintenance package 

  • Consolidate / update domains 

  • HVA are considering a new domain name, currently HVA's primary domain is hastingsvoluntaryaction.org It will be necessary for this domain, plus HVA's secondary domain hvauk.org  - to all direct to the new website. 


Hosting & Maintenance / Preferred: 




Project Timeline 



Tender Submission Deadline: Midday, 28th October 2016 

HVA Tender Acceptance: Midday, 2nd December 2016 



Proposed Design Phase Deadline: Midday, 16th January 2017 

Proposed Development Phase Deadline: Midday, 27th February 2017 

Proposed Project Completion: 6th March 2017 

Proposed Official Website Launch: 24th March 2017 




Contact Details 


Address: Hastings Voluntary Action, Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings, TN34 1QN 

Telephone: 01424 444 010 

Email: admin@hvauk.org 


Please feel free to contact HVA should you have any questions regarding your application for this website tender. 


If you would like to be sent a copy of HVA's print directory and wall planner to assist with your tender please email or telephone HVA to request a copy. 




Tender Guidelines 


Please could all tender applications be submitted electronically to admin@hvauk.org 


Please include in your application: 

  • Your day time contact telephone number 

  • Your contact email address 

  • A link to a portfolio of your work or a selection of examples of recent projects 

  • A summary of your availability and a proposed project timeline 

  • A summary of how you would approach the project and a quote for the project's cost 


Thank you for your interest in this project. 

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