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Thank you to all those who participated by casting your votes on time. Forty six organizations voted out of a potential seventy eight. Our thanks to Miriam Miklaszewska from SpeakUp and Alex Ntung from HBC for their role in counting up the votes .

The 8 candidates with the highest number of votes and therefore elected to serve on the HCN Executive Committee are as follows: (in no particular order)  Further information about the elected candidates and the role of executive group members can be found in the documents attached below.
  • Kate Francis (Hastings Old Town Presevation Society)
  • Julie Eason (Citizen's Advice 1066)
  • Mel Bonney- Kane (Hastings Tust)
  • Marc Turczanski (Links Project)
  • Jacky Everard (Hastings Advice and Representation Centre)
  • Steve Manwaring (Hastings Voluntary Action)
  • Marie Casey (Care for the Carers)
  • Shiva Serati (Hastings Intercultural Association)

In addition to the 8 elected executive group members - 4 neighbourhood forums have a direct and automatic seat on the Executive Group.These are:

  • Sylvia Bennett (Gensing & Central St. Leonards Community Forum) 
  • Ron Bennett  (Ore Valley Forum)
  • Carole Bailey (Greater Hollington Association)
  • Judy Scott  (Castle Ward Forum)