New Expert Services Development

The TIES partner organisations are developing trials of new services that will support VCS groups in their work. These will be affordable services offered above and beyond our existing services, designed to fill gaps in the support you need.
To help us decide which new services to trial, we need to hear what type of support your group would benefit from that you cannot access at the moment. The support services you cannot access may be because they don’t currently exist in East Sussex, or it might be because they are too expensive from existing providers. To get you thinking of the services you would benefit from being developed, consider this list:

  • Accountancy service for small groups
  • Event management
  • Improving your group’s online presence
  • Consultation and engagement support
  • Interim charity management
  • Recruitment agency
  • Marketing services
  • Website design / hosting
  • Fundraiser service
  • Design of your publicity material

You may like to see one or more of these services developed, or none may appeal. However this list is by no means exhaustive. We welcome your thoughts and also encourage you to get in touch with any other ideas for support services you’d like developed. Let us know your support needs, as this is your opportunity to make the new services we trial as helpful to you as possible!