2013 saw major change to the process for reporting payroll information to HMRC with the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI), which places an obligation on employers to submit figures online to HMRC every time a member of staff is paid. For many of our members, often with only a handful of individuals on the payroll, compliance represents a significant challenge, and in some cases a major worry.

In response to this new situation, HVA has set up a new Payroll Service, specifically to serve those working in the voluntary & community sector, in order to relieve the pressure of compliance with these new rules. This service forms a part of the Community Accountancy Network which is being delivered jointly with our colleagues at 3VA and Rother Voluntary Action. The service will handle calculations of pay to suit your organisation on a weekly, fortnighty, 4 weekly or monthly basis. We will produce payslips for your employees, and calculate the correct adjustments in respect of tax, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, student loan repayments etc., leaving you to do little more than to make payment to your staff and settle up with the Inland Revenue.

We will make submissions on your behalf to HMRC, and will provide advice and up to date information on all aspects of PAYE.

With the additional obligation of Auto-Enrolment (Workplace Pensions) affecting all employers within the next year or so, we will also provide advice and support regarding your responsibilities as an employer in this important area.

Our charges for providing this service will be kept as low as possible, and could well save you money compared to doing the work in-house. You will certainly find it to be the less stressful option.

More detailed information, including a schedule of costs, can be found in the attachments below.


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